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    Situated in Shuang Luan District, Chengde City, Hebei Chuang Yuan Investment Group Co., Ltd is adjacent to the scenic spots such as the world's cultural heritage called the Mountain Resort in Chengde , royal temples of Qing Dynasty and Bashang Grassland. Being located at the intersection of Beijing-Chengde highway, Chengde-Chifeng highway and Chengde-Zhangjiakou highway and within 30 kilometers away from Zhangbaiwan railway station, this area has superority in terms of geography and communication.Since establishment in 2003, Hebei Chuang Yuan Investment Group Co., Ltd and its affiliates have gone through more than 10 years of development. At present, a large number of business sectors such as iron ore fines processing, oxidized pellets processing, domestic & foreign trade , granting of micro loans, mechnical processing, real estate development and construction & installation have been formed. Having experienced the ups and downs of this industry, Mr.Shu Li, the president of the group, has a deep insights towards the industry and is confident of the prospect of the group.Performance and main business: Chuang Yuan Investment Group Co., Ltd is in possession of various kinds of assets worth of more than 3 billion Yuan. The annual turnover has reached more than 5 billion Yuan. The affiliated iron beneficiation enterprise has 3 iron ore fines production lines with an annual processing capacity of 1.5 million tons. The affiliated pelletising enterprise has 2 production lines of oxidized pellets with an annual processing capacity of 3 million tons. The affiliated trade company is engaged in business both at home and abroad.The affiliated micro loan company deals with business of granting small loans.The affiliated mechanical processing enterprise handles the manufacturing & installation of conveyors. The main business also includes real estate development and mining of slate ore and fluorite.

    Company:Hebei Chuangyuan Investment Group
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